Turbocharge your sales  teams with our contracting + negotiation solutions

Quoqo offers a cloud-based Contract Management  Platform with built-in Legal Support helping businesses scale globally


Are contracts and negotiations difficult to handle for your growing business?

Contracts are business critical and on average 9.2% of annual revenue in companies is lost due to bad contracting and negotiations

The Quoqo difference

Create -- Negotiate -- Manage

Superfast turnarounds

We offer a superfast turnaround service measured in minutes and not days

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing through a 3-tier SaaS plan

End-to-end contract management

We cover contracts end to end and available to customers 24x7x365

Expert support

We offer attorney-supported negotiations in local time-zones


Industry specific risk management

We deploy contract automation throughout ensuring rapid turnarounds

Risk is effectively managed through playbooks that we craft for your business


Start Quoqo today

Signing up for Quoqo is easy. We think once you exeperience truly stress-free contracting and negotiations, you won't go back

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