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Your All-In-One Solution for Legal Process Automation, Contract and Document Creation for Your Business

Quoqo Set Out to Achieve One, Single Goal

Our mission is to give start-ups, small- and medium-sized businesses access to high-end commercial legal contracting, negotiations, and contract management from anywhere in the world!

The all-inclusive Quoqo platform grants you the convenience of creating, adjusting, negotiating, and managing the repetitive legal processes that are necessary for success in every business.

Quoqo is a fully-automated legal infrastructure—supported by the international expertise of the Quoqo global legal team—which will save you precious time and money on unnecessary legal fees.


By automating the repetitive nature of contract creation and management, the Quoqo platform frees up your own company’s legal team for more important legal matters.

On average, we save our customers 82% of their time while creating contracts—and add 15% additional revenue annually through better negotiations.

At Quoqo, we’ve harnessed the power of cloud technology to give you and your team easy access to renowned legal tools any time you need them—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Quoqo Contract Management

A cutting-edge technology platform that empowers businesses with end-to-end automation of their entire commercial contract management process with built-in legal support, globally


Quoqo M&A

End-to-end automation of your documents and advisory support for investment rounds as well as merger and acquisition transactions, enabling fast-growing businesses to close deals in record time around the world

Quoqo NDA

With our state-of the art AI, you can fully automate your NDA creation process. Inbound NDAs are AI reviewed and flagged
automatically to enable you to quickly sign, store, and analyze your documents.


Quoqo Diligence

Our AI-assisted platform can review your contracts in record time and is supported by lightning-quick vendors and transactional diligence

Who We Serve

We can support your business no matter where you are based in the world. Our licensed, in-house counsel provides support across the US, UK, India, the Caribbean (BVI and the Cayman Islands), Singapore, and limited support across the EU.

Our Customers


Our Story

Hi, my name is Chetan, and I am the founder of Quoqo.

For two decades I’ve traveled the world as a tech lawyer. As a partner in Tier-1 law firms, I’ve worked with Silicon Valley mega-giants like Meta, but I’ve also seen the struggles of start-ups and SMBs dealing with their legal requirements.

Start-ups and small businesses almost always lack the resources or the knowledge base to deal effectively with their legal issues. The two most acute problems most of these small businesses face are poorly written, ambiguous contracts, and weak negotiations.


On average businesses lose 9.2% of annual revenue due to poor contracts and bad negotiations. But I’ve found that for the start-ups and SMBs that don’t have an in-house, legal infrastructure, the losses can be much higher.

In fact, a lack of effective legal support can literally destroy some otherwise promising young companies.

I’ve come to believe this lack of legal support is a vast waste. A waste of the efforts of talented people who have created innovative companies, and a waste to the world, which may never see the product of these innovators who were sabotaged by their own lack of legal wherewithal.

And that’s why I broke free and started Quoqo. Because I was tired of seeing young companies with great ideas being hobbled by unnecessary legal difficulties.

At Quoqo we can increase your revenue with cutting-edge, AI legal technology. Quoqo provides a low-cost, streamlined solution to your commercial contracting, negotiation, and contract management problems anywhere in the world.

Quoqo produces the kind of legal infrastructure that protects big companies but is designed and priced for the benefit of small and start-up businesses. So now, you can compete.

Don’t let legal issues hinder your growth.

Give Quoqo a try.


Meet the Team


Chetan Nagendra




Ravi Rajagopal

Fortis, Catalyst Housing, Airtel,

JM Financial, Vedanta, Diageo


Jeremy Small

Jameson Legal, Jameson Legal Tech

Quoqo: Your All-In-One Legal Process Automation Platform

The only fully-automated legal infrastructure you need to save time and money, boost revenue and resources—to scale and grow your business on a global scale!

Learn more about how Quoqo can help you simplify and automate your legal processes, contract creation and management.

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