Customer Stories

Young Businesswomen


How does a leading cyber-security startup manage its legal risks?

Life before Quoqo

  • Run a Google search, copy wording from contracts found on the Web

  • Negotiations meant generally agreeing to all clauses in a contract

  • To help them scale internationally, they needed a partner to help them manage contracting, negotiations and provide timely advice

Life with Quoqo

  • Technology meets custom, personal support

  • Built for growing businesses with the right mix of automation and personalised service

  • Average time to contract

  • Rapid turnarounds and complete contract management is a game changer

Blockchain | NFT Platform

How does a so-very new crypto category navigate legal?

Life before Quoqo

  • For a US incorporated company doing business globally, a mix of talking to attorneys around the globe

Life with Quoqo

  • Created new NFT contracts where the average deal size is several million dollars

  • Negotiated cross-border contracts in places such as Thailand and India in record time!

Confident Businesswoman

Infrastructure Service Provider

IaaS providers create a multi-jurisdictional legal conundrum. Privacy, cross-border data flows all have to be examined before the first commercial contract can be written.

Life before Quoqo:

  • Understanding cross-border flows took a few days to explain to customers

  • Intellectual property around hardware varies from country to country

Life after Quoqo:

  • Standardized playbooks help with what constitutes acceptable risk practices while contracting

  • Counsel assisted negotiations with third parties really helps put across the company's point of view and seals contracts in record time!