Due Diligence

With so many things to remember, due diligence can take some time; Quoqo can make it easy

Doing due diligence is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business.

Ensuring that your transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and who you are doing business with are in line with your company’s goals is crucial. Not knowing a small detail can drastically alter business dealings and extend the time needed to finalize agreements.

Even contracts and NDAs all need their due diligence, making sure the wording and aspects of each contract are made perfect. Missing finer details from contracts can result in breaches or even contracts being voided.


Hiring a lawyer or legal team for due diligence work is very expensive because there is no way to predict how much work will have to be done or how long it will take. Due diligence can take a day or a couple of weeks, and legal fees add up quickly, taking away vital cash flow from your business.

You need to be 100% sure that your due diligence is done correctly, that you have a legal team that you can trust, and you can get the proper information anytime you need it.


You need Quoqo Diligence.

Quoqo Diligence Gives You the Right Legal Information at an Affordable Price

Vendor Due Diligence

Do you need to have a third party look at a company before you think about buying or investing in it? With Quoqo, you get a complete report on the business, including critical information like:


  • General company information, such as geographic location, taxpayer number, operational capacity, incorporation documents, and legal status
  • History of the company’s cash flow
  • The target company’s debt and other liabilities

You get a complete recommendation on moving forward based on the unbiased and factual due diligence of our vendor report. Don’t wait for days or weeks for vendor due diligence; our systems can have it done for you in hours. Vendor due diligence is vital when making business decisions, and with Quoqo, you can be confident that the due diligence is done right.

Transaction Due Diligence

Evaluating your business transactions before they go through is crucial to knowing what each transaction will do for your company in the short and long term. Surprises are not something you or your business want to see or hear about after completing a transaction.


With Quoqo, you get your transactions backed by experts who will look into nearly every aspect of a transaction, including:

  • Buy-Side Due Diligence: We help you uncover earnings, cash flows, working capital, and performance trends of target transactions. This can help you avoid making bad purchasing decisions.
  • Sell-Side Due Diligence: Provide your buyer with accurate information on what they are buying. We proactively identify matters affecting value, negotiating leverage, and speed of closing the sale while reducing uncertainty throughout the whole process.

AI Assistance

Reviewing contracts is paramount when it comes to due diligence. Fortune 1000 companies spend over $35 billion on contract reviews per year, and $26 billion of it goes towards reviewing and marking up contracts with semantically similar language.

Quoqo’s AI program automates the review process, bringing drastic cuts in the time and cost in reviewing your contracts. It can identify and suggest edits based on your company’s playbook and standards.


In addition, Quopo AI can pull statistics from each contract that your business might find helpful. Our legal partners can also spend more time helping you make timely and informed decisions for your business while our AI is tasked with reviewing. No more sitting around waiting for the due diligence to be done by an expensive lawyer when Quoqo’s AI can do it faster and more efficiently.

Ensuring your due diligence is done correctly and thoroughly won’t be a concern once you experience the Quoqo difference.

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