GC Services for your growing business

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Laying the foundation of your startup's growth with our expert GC support

Ongoing support: Monthly engagement

Ongoing GC support, dedicated to your business. Based on your needs, each month the GC can:

  • Advise the Founder and the Board on legal and regulatory risks, litigation and processes

  • Work with functional and other core teams to assist them on matters

  • Product launches

  • IP strategy and protection

Ongoing support: Annual review

Our GC will analyse legal and regulatory trends and advise your business of risks, and in addition:​

  • Will review your business from a legal, regulatory and compliance perspective

  • Advise the business on legal spend, technology adoption, ways to minimize legal and regulatory risk and much more

  • Privacy and Data Protection

Special situations support

Our GCs can assist you in a number of special situations such as:

  • Fundraising documentation, pitch deck reviews, diligence support and closings

  • Acquisitions, mergers or acquihires

  • Business growth in new geographies

  • Litigation management

  • Regulatory filings

  • Cybersecurity and data breach situations

Want to unlock more growth?
Bring on our expert GCs

Accelerate your growth

Establish the legal infrastructure and hygience to accelerate your company's growth, no matter whether you are a funded startup or a well-established business.

A better control function

Legal (with finance) are core control functions of a business. Make sure you have an unbiased and competent view of your business' health without the internal pressures.

Avoid costly pitfalls

Get a competent analysis from people who have lead businesses, not individual contributors.

Why smart businesses rely
on Quoqo's GC services

Deep expertise

You’ll work with the best in the business. We have worked with hundreds of businesses and transacted business globally.

Credible support

We pull insights and expertise across industries and sectors.

High impact

Solid work ex, gold reputations. Bank on us to help unlock growth.

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