Accelerate Your M&A Deals to Lightning Speed Using Quoqo’s Automated Documentation and Advisory Support

Cut documentation prep time by 70% to close your deals faster

while saving 80% on legal fees.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Can Be a Long and Difficult process

Whether it is an acquihire, a business acquisition, or a cross-border transaction -- we’ve covered them all.


M&A is often an uncertain process because those who are uninformed about how they work can quickly make serious mistakes that can cost you and your business a lot of time and money.


Quoqo M & A makes it happen more swiftly. We don’t wait on lawyers.


The Quoqo difference is all about automating your M&A process end to end and letting you customize your experience along the way.


Get the Same Professional Legal Diligence Faster

Our AI system crafts your M&A contracts and legal agreements at high speed, saving you time and cutting your overhead costs during negotiations. You won’t need to hire a lawyer.


This improves the efficiency of getting M&A done quicker, while still getting quality work. 


Feel confident in your legal team, even in the process of a long deal. 


With Quoqo, you can handle different types of transactions with a combination of document automation and built-in legal advisory, always at your fingertips.

Global Support in a Snap

M&A can be tricky when you are dealing with cross-border transactions. You need to think about:

  • Tax laws
  • Political stability
  • The target company's financial information
  • Industry specific regulations

It all requires unique due diligence and Quoqo can cover it all. With Quoqo, our automation AI can provide you with documents that work in any country you wish to do your M&A in. 


We partner with legal teams from all around the world to secure you the best advice. We make sure to look at all of the risks associated with your M&A so you are always in the know with the most up to date information.


Confidentiality is Our Top Priority

Keeping your business dealings between you and our teams is what we strive to do. Never worry about sensitive documents leaking or becoming public. Our in-house legal team talks to you and only you about any updates to M&A documents or processes. We protect your identity alongside those business partners you are working out deals with. Your paperwork is safely housed in our cloud server with top of the line security features.


So if you are ready to ditch those expensive, upfront costs of lawyers, the large salaries of legal teams, and the cumbersome filing systems for your M&A papers, Quoqo has everything you need and more.

Talk to a Quoqo expert today, and see how much time and money you can save with the Quoqo difference.

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