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NDAs Are Important To Get Right

NDAs are one of the most common items that employees or contractors sign before working with your company. It protects your business’s trade secrets and other information meant only for you and your employees and not for the general public.

The problem with creating NDAs is that they are incredibly time-consuming to write, and when you need to make a change to them, hiring a lawyer to review and alter them can be very expensive.


If an NDA isn’t signed because there is a delay in getting it to a new employee or business partner, no confidential business information can be shared between the parties. Unfortunately, that also means that your business projects will get delayed, and you and your company will start losing out on potential profits.

How can you ensure that your NDAs are always ready to go with the exact wording and information you need every time?

Quoqo has the answer.

Start Creating an NDA Now

Quoqo NDAs Are Easy to Adjust, and You Can Create Them Anytime

A Unified Snapshot Dashboard

Get all of the info you need about your NDAs in one glance. Our dashboard gives you access to NDA signatures, NDA customization, data analytics, status updates from our legal team, and much more. Our dashboard is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to perfect your NDAs.



With Quoqo’s AI-driven NDA automation, you can create and customize your NDAs anytime, anywhere. We use dynamic smart forms to obtain the vital information you need to be included, and then our automation tool whips up NDAs that you can change anytime you need.


With our automated system, you can process, sign, and deliver your NDAs without needing to wait for a lawyer. You can make it simple and have our system create and tweak it for you, or request a member from our in-house legal team to look over what you have created. Customize your experience with Quoqo’s self service.



Get legal analytics for your NDAs all right from our portal dashboard. Learn new details that include risk assessments, legal strategies, and resource management. Your legal analytics are reviewed by our automated system to be sure that all of the numbers you receive are accurate.

Legal Assistance

You won’t need to hire a lawyer when creating NDAs with Quoqo. Our incredible legal team have vetted our templates to ensure that all the wording is correct and protects your business from contract breaches. Want to use your own template? No problem! You can upload it right to the Quoqo portal and adjust it to fit your needs.


Record Management

All of your NDAs are stored securely in our cloud servers and can be accessed any time, anywhere. Your stored NDAs can be signed online using our electronic signature system. No more needing to print out tens or hundreds of pages for your new hire to read and sign. Sign on to your portal, open your NDA, and get it e-signed; it’s that simple. 


All of these features are incredibly easy to use and are entirely self-serve, meaning you don’t need to wait on anyone to create custom NDAs. Instead, you can create your NDAs with Quoqo today for as low as $19.99/month with our Core Plan.

The Growth Plan at $29.99/month adds the convenience of having your inbound NDAs reviewed by our AI system, giving you peace of mind that they are fully legal.


That's right, Quoqo’s NDAs are priced starting at $19.99 per month, so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank to create incredible NDAs fast and accurately.

Stop wasting time and money crafting your business’ NDAs by hand; start using Quoqo to automate your NDAs today.

Start Creating an NDA Now

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