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Get the contracting, negotiations and contract management expertise that every startup and SMB needs.

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Trusted by startups and SMBs, globally

Expertise in startups and SMBs

We know startups – we are one! Our contracting, negotiation and contract management services are built both for VC backed startups and mid-sized SMBs. From plain NDAs to fundraising documents to complex SaaS models, we support them all.

Personal, expert support

With Quoqo, we team you up with an advisor who knows your startup business and growth stage. We’ll help set up your full legal stack for scale, including your contracting, contract playbooks, and vendor negotiations. We’re your partner.

Tech-powered legal stack

Your business is cutting-edge and why shouldn't your legal stack be? We use a mix of cutting-edge, secure software right from proofing to automation. The result - rapid turnaround times with unmatched accuracy–so you can concentrate on building your business.

Responsive, flexible, secure and accessible

When you are running your startup, you should expect that your partners are equally responsive. We get that. Plus we offer unmatched flexibility -- we allow our customers to draw us in for reviews or negotiations at their convenience. All while providing secure and accessible solutions.

Your full legal stack

Accurate Contracting

Even pre-revenue companies need to deal with contracts -- whether hiring vendors or employees or sales contracts. We will handle your contracting as you scale,

Seamless Negotiations

Whether you are negotiating a commercial contract or a VC round, whether locally or globally, our experienced counsel will guide you through your transaction. With an average of 20 years of experience that our partner counsels carry, you don't have to second guess every line or Google on what to do next.

Expert GC Services

Designed for founders, our general counsel services include strategic legal assessments, advisory and analysis, fundraising support, and more. Grow your business with the advanced legal support you need, when you need it.

Working with the best legal tools in the business

Your favorite tools integrate with Quoqo so that everything is kept effortlessly up to date




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